History News

Black History 

There are many interesting topics being studied by students as part of the History curriculum this year.
Year 8 is studying Tudor Britain with a focus on the Tudor monarchy. In Year 9 they are looking at the Suffragette movement and focussing on the differences between the suffragists and suffragettes. For GCSE History students in Year 10 are studying Nazi Germany and Year 11 is studying Medicine through time; the focus topic is on medieval medicine.         
The month of October is Black History Month and the History department will be running some afternoon lessons on black historical figures from Harriet Tubman to Stokely Carmichael. We are hoping to have guests come into school to perform stories from History such as Yaa Astantewaa, Olaudah Equiano, and the story of Black and Asian migration to Britain. We will also have African Drummers in to teach students the African art of percussion. Finally we will show some key movies that are part of the history of cinema, movies such as the Shaft, In the Heat of the Night, and Glory starring Denzel Washington and finally The Colour Purple. Further details and dates will follow shortly.
         Jason Dennis—Head of History