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Student Council

Student Council

Recent Achievements of the Student Council

  • Regular Class Council meetings
  • Extra water fountains for playground
  • Attended Camden School Council Debate
  • New uniform for KS4 students
  • Made the case to persuade Mr Dowd to allow Year 11s to go out for lunch
  • Conducted KS3 Behaviour Survey
  • Hosted Preston Manor Behaviour Panel and discussed their work

How the Student Council Works

Every Tutor Group has a Class Council

  • Each tutor group has two representatives
  • The TG reps are trained to be able to run a Class Council meeting; similar to Circle Time but run by students
  • Class Council meetings happen every six weeks in an extended morning registration
  • Reps note down views and the decisions of the TG in a document called ‘the minutes’

Every year has a Year Council

  • All the TG reps meet together and bring their Minutes from the Class Council
  • A Link Teacher helps them run the meeting
  • The minutes of the different Class Council meetings are discussed
  • Reps make decisions or pass issues up to School Council for decisions

...and the School has the School Council 

  • Each Year Council elects 2 reps
  • These reps are called Year Reps
  • The Year Reps attend the School Council meeting every six weeks
  • The Reps’ job is to report accurately the ideas and wishes of the Year Group
  • The School Council votes on ideas and agrees on projects