Computer Science

Network Themes

We are very fortunate to have excellent partnerships with organisation across a range of sectors to align with our 3 network themes.

Regardless of their pathway, all students on the Haverstock Career Network will benefit from:

  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Workplace visits
  • A paid summer internship
  • Guru lectures
  • Masterclasses

Business & Finance

Some of our long-standing partners are leading global companies such as Santander, McKinsey & Co. and EY. We work with professional organisations to open up a world of opportunities for students, broaden their horizons and inspire them to reach their potential.

Programme entry requirements vary year to year, but students should be studying one or more A-level or BTEC Level 3 Business-related subject such as Economics, Finance or Maths.

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Arts & Media

We work closely with innovative companies such as NBCUniversalStarcom, Clearcast and Carat. Students benefit from engaging talks from industry professionals, trips to cutting-edge offices and exciting work placements to give them an unparalled insight into the world of media and the arts more broadly.

Programme entry requirements vary year to year, but students should be studying two or more A-level Humanities or Media-related subjects such as English, Sociology or Photography.

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Through our newest network theme - STEM - we have developed strong links with a number of organisations ranging from the health and medical sector, technology companies and engineering firms. We are privileged to work alongside the likes of The Royal Free Hospital, RCPCHDropboxASOS and Max Fordham.

Programme entry requirements vary year to year, but students should be studying two or more A-level STEM subjects.

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