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Rani & Kanwal Nain Checker Award: A First Generation Bursary

The Checker Award is an annual financial bursary celebrating the life of Rani Checker, who was a much-loved Humanities teacher at Haverstock School with many years experience of teaching Geography and a strong interest in English.  

Expanding Horizons

The award was established in 2021 to support first generation students at Haverstock Sixth Form aiming to enter university or further education. It aims to give the chosen student the means to study and travel, to open their minds to the opportunities around them. Students are chosen not only for their academic achievement, but for their ability to take an active part in a changing world. 

First generation students

Reflecting the life experiences of Rani and her husband Kanwal, this bursary is aimed at first generation students – that is, the first generation in a family going to university or other recognised educational institution for formal education post A Level / BTEC.

Eligibility and timing

To qualify, applicants must reside in the UK, be studying for A Level or BTEC in Year 13 at Haverstock Sixth Form, and be seeking a university or other educational place of study. 

Eligible students are encouraged to apply by the Sixth Form leadership team in Spring of Year 13, once a provisional award of a next place of study has been secured (eg through UCAS). The shortlist will be drawn up once A Level / BTEC results are confirmed. 

The Checker family will be involved in the final award of the bursary, to be made in October once the student confirms they have started at university.  

To apply

To apply, students write a 1-page submission covering their academic record to date and setting out what they intend to do with the one-off financial award of £500. The distinctive aspect of the Checker Award is its sense of family. The Checker family are actively involved in the selection process, and anticipate continuing contacts with current and former recipients of the award.

Haverstock School is very grateful to the Checker family for their vision and generosity in setting up this award to recognise the valued service of Rani Checker teaching in our vibrant Camden school. The students chosen to receive this award will step forward to take an active part in a changing world. The Rani and Kanwal Checker First Generation Bursary has been set up to support and make a difference to a chosen student in their academic and wider endeavours.    

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