The H3 Federation

Haverstock School is proud to be a founding partner in the H3 Federation.

We are proud to announce that Haverstock School is now part of the H3 Federation, together with our partners Heath School and Harmood School (who were each previously known as CCfL or Camden Centre for Learning).

The creation of the federation in April 2023 followed a very successful year of working closely with CCfL, and a wide consultation with students, families, staff and public. Within the federation, our 3 schools share a governing body and Executive Headteacher, and benefit from combining expertise, ideas and opportunities. Each school retains its own special character, its own budget and its own head of school. As part of the change, the two schools which previously comprised CCfL are renamed Heath School and Harmood School.

H3 Federation Chair of Governors, Alison Lowton says, “This great partnership really widens access to services for all our children. Working closely together as a federation, we can offer opportunities beyond those which one single school can provide. Our new 16+ Level 1 programmes in Business and Construction are a fantastic example: the 3 schools worked closely to design a programme that offers the best of each school – pooling our specialisms in wraparound care and individual mentoring with tailor-made work experience and the very best teaching. It’s just one example of how the partnership is already helping to support all our pupils and their families.”

H3 Federation Vice-Chair of Governors, Janet Grauberg adds, “The federation makes it easier to find a school place that fits the needs of students who, for whatever reason, are not getting on in a mainstream Camden school. By having Harmood special school, Heath School pupil referral unit, and specialist provision within Haverstock School under one governance and leadership team, we make it more likely to find the right place for every student to re-engage in education and learn the skills they need for work and life.” 

Camden Council's Cabinet Member for Best Start for Children and Families, Councillor Marcus Boyland says "We welcome this partnership in line with Camden’s education strategy, Building Back Stronger, which encourages closer joint working between our schools in order to provide the best possible education for students."

And Executive Headteacher James Hadley sums it up: “Our schools are made much stronger by working together as a collaborative family, retaining all the best elements of their independence while benefitting from each others' strengths. I'm very much looking forward to leading Haverstock, Heath and Harmood Schools on the next exciting stage of this journey as we power up with the H3 Federation.”

  Read the latest issue of H3 Federation News on the link here.  

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