As a school we are making a concerted effort to ensure homework is set regularly and that it develops not only the students’ learning but also their independence.

At Haverstock we believe that homework serves the following purposes:

  • Allows students to revisit/practice content and skills covered in class in order to create a long-term change in memory.
  • Encourages students to take a deeper interest and enjoyment in their studies outside the classroom
  • Creates greater independence amongst students and helps them to take control of their own learning and progress.

Homework at Haverstock takes one of two forms:


“Practice” homework allows students to practise key skills that have already been covered in class. Their purpose is to embed learning so there is a long-term change in memory.


“Preparation” homework allows students to prepare for activities/testing in class. They encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and progress.

We have recently invested in award winning, state-of-the-art software to set and track ‘Practice’ or ‘Prepare’ homework online. Show My Homework allows teachers to assign, monitor and organise homework online that engages students. Parents can see the details of the tasks their child has been set, all their deadlines and their submission status and grades. Parents will also be able to view the feedback teachers leave for their child.

Once the account is set up, parents will be able to:

  • Have 24/7 access to their child’s homework tasks
  • View the quality and quantity of homework set
  • Receive notifications the morning of and/or night before the task’s due date
  • Translate tasks into over 50 different languages if required

Download the app available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices


How do I create an account?

To find out how to create a parent account, follow this link.

What information do I need to create a parent account?
You will need your unique PIN (if you need this please contact the school office) and any email address.

Can my child submit work via the parent account if they forget their login details?

Unfortunately not. They will have to ask their form tutor for their details.

What if my child is having issues submitting work?

Please follow this link which is a step by step guide explaining how to submit work online.

What if my child forgets their password?

They can select ‘forgot password’ from the login page and they will receive a password reset email. Passwords must contain at least 10 characters, a capital letter, number and a special character.
Students can also view (but not submit) their work via the school calendar, which you can find here.

If I have more than one child at the school, can I view both of their homework?

Yes, if you have more than one child using Show My Homework, you’ll see all this information for each child in one place - even if they attend different schools!

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