Haverstock 124

Welcome to our 2020 Freshers

Transition will be a little different this year with everything that’s been happening but we’re still aiming to make sure that every child in Year 6 is excited about the start of their new journey: a journey filled with challenges, learning - and fun!

We’d like all Freshers to begin by watching our 'Hello, Year 7 Freshers' video and for parents to read our guidance booklet and view our uniform policy. In the second half of the summer, we’ll be visiting you in your Primary Schools (social distancing allowing) and planning for you to visit Haverstock, so you can meet some of the staff who will help you as you make the big move to secondary school. We’re also hoping to run our two-week Summer School in August  – giving you a chance to get to know your new school even better, learn new things and make new friends.

Those of you who are interested in music might be keen in applying for one of our Music Scholarships. You don’t need to be Grade 6 on an instrument – you just need to be keen to learn!

As our new Year 7, we would like you to return to our Freshers page each week to take part in our Ready for Secondary Challenge. This is a programme of activities and challenges all designed to help you make a flying start in September. Our challenges are ready for you here.

We want you to complete as many of them as you can to make sure you are Ready for Secondary; we will be awarding certificates for those that complete the most challenges throughout June!

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