Year 11 Bridging to Sixth Form

Welcome to all students hoping to join Haverstock Sixth Form this September!

Whether you are a current student (having been in  either Year 11 or on our Level 2 Year 12 course) or you are new to our school, this information is critical to your place in our school.

The transition from GCSE to A Level/BTEC is notoriously challenging and no matter what the national situation is in September, you can be assured that we will support you in every way we can. However, you are now young adults and you must take responsibility for your entry into the Sixth Form. Part of this commitment is engaging with the compulsory work that has been created by your future Sixth Form teachers. This work should be completed before you arrive at our school in September where you will share your completed work with your subject teachers in your first lesson.

You only have to complete the work in the subjects you are doing in the Sixth Form.

I am very excited to welcome you into the Sixth Form, until then, work carefully through your subjects and please contact me if you have any questions (

Good luck and keep safe,

Miss Metselaar (Assistant Headteacher: Head of Sixth Form and Careers)

Cambridge National L2 IT

BTEC L2 Business

Your work for BTEC L2 Business

BTEC L3 Applied Science

Your assignment for BTEC L3 Applied Science 

BTEC L3 Business Studies

BTEC L3 Health & Social Care

Financial Services

Your work for Financial Services

A Level Biology

Your work for A Level Biology

A Level Chemistry

Your work for A Level Chemistry

A Level Computer Science

A Level Physics

Your work for A Level Physics

A Level Maths

Your work forA Level Maths

A Level Economics

Your work for A Level Economics

A Level Engineering

Your work forA Level Engineering

A Level English Language

A Level English Literature

A Level Geography

Your work for A Level Geography

A Level History

Your work for A Level History

A Level Politics

Your work for A Level Politics

A Level Sociology

Your work for A Level Sociology

A Level Spanish

Your work for A Level Spanish

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