2021 STEM Scholarship

2021 STEM Scholarship

Our Further Maths, Maths and Science teams record some of the best KS5 results in the school. We have an impressive number of Maths and Science experts, a number of whom are Oxbridge graduates, who are excited to support high achieving, STEM students next September. We are so confident in our offer and so eager to support local students to explore STEM pathways that we are offering an additional scholarship to attract the most aspirational STEM students in Camden.

Students will need to specify that they would like to apply for this scholarship on their application form (opening on 18 November) and will have to secure a grade 8 in Maths GCSE, choose Further Maths at A Level (along with 3 additional A Levels) and take part in a selection day in January 2021.

Our £2000 scholarship will be paid in 3 instalments* and will also include the 2 year loan of a Google Chromebook.

We look forward to welcoming applications from Haverstock and external students and if there are any questions regarding this, please email katie.metselaar@haverstock.camden.sch.uk

*Payment will be contingent on students meeting their future target grades at 2 assessment points in Year 12 and also  contributing to the learning of others in the school e.g. serving as a Maths or Science learning mentor/TA or tutor to younger members of our school community.

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