Spring Term closure and reopening 2021

School Reopening

Following the announcement of the reopening of schools on March 8th, we will be in touch shortly with details for the return of students. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact office@haverstock.camden.sch.uk.

Details for the closure period until March 5th are below.

School Closure

The school is currently closed to all students other those whose parents are key workers or a vulnerable until further notice. Our Face-to-face ‘Hub’ provision is available for children whose parents are ‘critical workers’ or vulnerable. This includes those who are not have access to an appropriate device to complete their work or a quiet working space. More details on these definitions are here.

The Hub provision will take place from 8.30 – 3.00 each day with break and lunch at the usual time. Your child will be taught by their subject teachers via the Google Meet platform and will be supervised by a consistent group of experienced staff who they know well. Students can attend the provision full time or on selected days if you wish.

On-site attendees can purchase a hot meal., which will be free for free School Meal students. Students are welcome to bring in packed lunch. 

If you are requesting this provision because you are a ‘critical worker’, you will need to provide evidence (e.g. a letter from your employer), via email to office@haverstock.camden.sch.uk before your child commences the provision.

If you are a critical worker or your child is vulnerable and you would like them to attend our face-to-face provision, please complete this form, and to consent to your child being routinely tested foro COVID whilst attending the provision, please complete the consent form.

Please be reminded that students will be required to wear a facemask in communal areas when on the school premises.

Remote Learning

All other students are now learning remotely. This takes the form of a full timetable of lessons via Google Meet. Students begin their lessons at 9am and finish at 2.55pm. Each lesson for Years 7-11 consists of approximately 30 minutes live teaching, followed by a 20 minute independent task. Each lesson for Year 12 and 13 consists of 45 minutes live teaching, followed by a one hour homework task. You should have received your child's remote learning timetable, including their lesson codes, and a reminder of their G Suite login details via email. If you have any queries, please see the Remote Learning FAQs, the G-Suite pupil guide or email us.

Please note that all live lessons, tutor sessions and assemblies at Haverstock are recorded. This is for safeguarding purposes and also to support us in maintaining high standards of behaviour. No images/audio recordings of your child will be shared except, where necessary, amongst school staff for safeguarding or behaviour management purposes. Recordings will be stored for six months and then deleted. 


We are able to provide free laptops for children who do not have access to a suitable device / internet so they can learn at home. Please complete this form if you would like to request one.

If you already have a laptop and are having issues, please complete this form, with as much information as possible and we will try our best to assist you.


On Wednesday 13th January, the Secretary of State for Education launched a two week consultation on how students In Years 11 and 13 will be assessed this summer. He has indicated that there may be a series of assessments that schools can use to judge student performance, in addition to other internal information we have for each student.

We understand that the current national expectation is that all students should be taught for as long as possible on each qualification (grades will be moderated and released at the latest possible point in the summer).

We are currently reviewing how we will be able to run further mock examination processes.

We would encourage parents/carers and also students to complete the consultation, which you will find here:


We will be completing a school response. An executive summary of this will be shared via this page of the website from Monday 1st February.

Please find a copy of the slides from the parent presentation at the recent consultation evening:

Summary from Y11 Parents evening.

Therefore, the current message for all examination students is:

  • You will be assessed at the end of this year, and you must continue to work hard.
  • You must engage in all your lessons, through the Remote Learning timetable – and complete all work, and revision tasks s set.

The best way that you can support is:

  • Ensure your child logs in on time for every lesson and completes all work

Supporting Parents Helpfinder (Young Minds)

Times are tough for many people right now. Parents find themselves pulled in many different direction and children may be struggling being in the house for so much longer than usual.
A mixture of concern about covid, work from home and children at home, along with a possible financial impact make for a stressful household.
Young Minds have created a useful 'Supporting Parents Helpfinder'. By answering six questions, parents can find out how to support their child's mental health during the pandemic (and beyond).

Find the help finder here: https://youngminds.org.uk/supporting-parents-helpfinder/

When emotions explode (Young Minds)

Young Minds have also created a useful poster highlighting ways to give support to children when they have angry feelings or outbursts and may help families start a conversation and talk about each other’s feelings.

Download the poster here:

This page will be updated regularly – as always please contact the school if you have any questions.


For all other questions and enquiries, please e-mail office@haverstock.camden.sch.uk


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