The CRiB (Camden Reintegration Base)

Haverstock School is proud to have been chosen by Camden Youth Safety Taskforce to facilitate the Camden Reintegration Base (CRiB), in association with 11 other Camden secondary schools.

The CRiB offers a 12 week programme for secondary students in Year 7–9 of any Camden school, who are at risk of permanent exclusion. 

The programme runs three times per year with placements commencing in November, March and June in the academic year 2021/22. 

There will be two weeks between placement cycles to allow for careful reintegration of students completing the programme and planning for the integration of new CRiB students.

CRIB (Camden Reintegration Base) Ethos, May 2021


The Daily Programme

• Students arrive at the CRiB in school uniform at 9.15 every morning and leave at 2.15pm (1pm Fridays).

• Students are taught the National Curriculum for three hours per day, by subject specialists wherever possible in English, Maths, Science, Humanities (Geography & History) and PE.

• The remainder of the time is used for Character Development & Awareness group sessions and personalised therapeutic support in partnership with a range of providers including CAMHS, Coram, Camden Prevention, AYBI, SALT and Arsenal. 

• The provision is tailored to the needs of each cohort.



The CRiB has bright and modern facilities, with its own premises and entrance adjoining Haverstock School. This includes:

• Two bright and spacious IT-equipped classrooms

• A gym for PE with cardio equipment, boxing lessons and table tennis

• Therapy room for group and individual settings

• Tree-lined outdoor space with seating

Gym and recreation facilities at the Camden Reintegration Base (CRiB)
Gym and recreation facilities at the Camden Reintegration Base (CRiB)

The crib outside space
Treelined outdoor space with seating.

The crib bright and spacious classrooms
Bright and spacious classrooms.

The crib courtyard and entrance
The CRiB outdoor space and entrance to classrooms


Timetable for students, Monday to Thursday


Registration & Handwashing / Character development / Enrichment


Lesson 1


Break / Handwashing


Lesson 2


Lesson 3 


Lunch / Handwashing

1.30 – 2.15

Therapeutic / Enrichment support / Handwashing


Timetable for students, Friday


Registration / Character development /  Enrichment


Lesson 1


Break / Handwashing


Lesson 2

12.15 – 1.00

Therapeutic / Enrichment support / Handwashing


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