Our Collaboration With CCfL

Haverstock School's governing body have agreed to work in partnership with CCfL from January 2022 under the leadership of Mr Hadley, who will become Executive Headteacher of both schools.

This is exciting for Haverstock as it builds on our existing successful partnership at Haverstock’s Camden Reintegration Base (CRiB), which has won praise for reducing exclusions and transforming pupils’ life chances. The new partnership will bring additional shared expertise and resources so that we can continue to focus on the most important thing - delivering the best teaching and learning and pastoral care for all of our students.

The partnership fits with Camden’s draft Education Strategy, which calls for greater collaboration between schools as a means of improving educational provision in the borough.



1. Why did you choose to collaborate with each other?

This is our second collaboration and follows on from our highly successful 2019 partnership which resulted in the Camden Reintegration Base (CRiB), a provision which has helped to reduce exclusions significantly across Camden. This huge success means that we are keen to further share expertise in teaching and learning and pastoral care more closely to deliver even better outcomes for Camden’s young people.     


2. What does this mean for the identity of both schools? Are they merging?

The schools are not merging and their identities are unchanged. CCfL and Haverstock will remain autonomous with their own governing bodies. They will share an Executive Headteacher and a Joint Committee of the two Governing Bodies has been established which will monitor the collaboration and develop it further. 


3. What will it mean for the pupils at both schools? Does this mean that CCfL students will be attending Haverstock?

Students will continue to attend the school at which they are on roll. Because this collaboration offers the opportunity for both schools to share resources and expertise, more of our time and energy will be focused on what’s most important - teaching and learning. 


4. What will it mean for the teachers at both schools?  Will they be deployed to work at the other school?

Teachers will continue to work for their current school. They will not be deployed elsewhere and there are no changes to their conditions or contracts.


5. Who made this decision?

The decision was made by the Governing Bodies of the two schools. We are very grateful to Camden Council and Camden Learning who have proactively supported this project with expertise and resources but all decisions have resided with the CCfL and Haverstock Governing Bodies.


6. Is this a decision about saving money?

No. It has been taken as a positive step to access the huge benefits that school-to-school collaboration can bring and extending an existing partnership which is already working well. Shared leadership is more efficient and will enable more resources to be invested in teaching and learning.


7. Is this collaboration permanent?

In line with similar successful models elsewhere in Camden schools, the two Governing Bodies have entered into an initial two-year Partnership Agreement from January 2022 to share an Executive Headteacher and develop the collaboration further. It will be reviewed and potentially extended thereafter.


8. How does it fit with Haverstock’s future plans? 

This collaboration is just one element of Haverstock’s future planning which also includes the potential co-location of Abacus Belsize on the Haverstock site.  Although no final decision has been made, the feasibility study into the co-location of Abacus Belsize at Haverstock is ongoing and is not affected by this collaboration. 


9. What happens if this collaboration doesn’t work?

A Joint Committee of the Governing Bodies will oversee the success of the arrangement, which will be reviewed after the two-year trial period. The Executive Headteacher will return to his substantive position as Headteacher of Haverstock in the event of the collaboration not being successful


10. I want to give feedback about this collaboration or ask a question about it.  How do I do that?

We appreciate that there may be lots of questions and feedback. Please get in touch by emailing office@haverstock.camden.sch.uk, and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

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