Welcome to our 2023 Freshers

If your child is starting at Haverstock as a Year 7 'Fresher' in September 2023, welcome! Thank you for choosing our school. 

Starting Year 7 is the first step on an exciting new school journey for your child. Between now and September, we’ll help your child get settled, make new friends, and grow their confidence so they’re all set to succeed.

We have a great programme of events in store for you over Summer Term - including a series of fun Saturday workshops, a Parents Welcome Evening, and a taster day in school. Plus our team will go out to meet every one of our Freshers in their own primary schools, as we get to know each child as an individual. Watch this space for more news and dates.

We understand that secondary transition is exciting but can also be a nervous time for children and parents, so we want to support you wherever we can. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us on the link below.

 Have a question? You can email us here. 

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