Haverstock 131

School Vision & Ethos

Our Vision

To provide a first-class education for every young person, empowering them to be fulfilled in a world of possibilities.  Haverstock students will be equipped to strive for excellence in their studies and beyond.  They will leave the school with the knowledge, skills and character to make a real contribution to society.

Our Ethos

Haverstock is a kind and friendly environment where everyone is valued, known and feels safe.  We support each other in a spirit of cooperation and help each other to succeed.  

We encourage students to become independent learners who make progress through hard work.  

We want our students to enjoy and benefit from all aspects of their school experience. We are constantly aiming to improve what we do and to exceed our previous best.  We are  proud of our ambitious attitude and we warmly applaud commitment and the achievements of all our students.

Our Motto

“Every student matters, every moment counts.”

Our Goals

1. Every Haverstock student reaches their academic potential 2. Every Haverstock student feels safe, valued and happy.

What this means:

Students achieve and develop independent study skills to enable them to become successful lifelong learners.

Key indicators of success:

  • Students make progress in line with the Top 10% of schools nationally.
  • Broad, balanced and academically rigorous curriculum.
  • Highest quality teaching.
Access to the widest curriculum the school can offer

What this means:

We provide a caring environment so each student has the space to grow.

Indicators of success:

  • Students remain at Haverstock until aged 18.
  • Exclusions are low.
  • Attendance is 96% +
  • The school environment is safe and welcoming.
3. Every Haverstock student experiences opportunities so they can make aspirational choices about their future. 4. Every Haverstock student has the skills and character to thrive.

What this means:

Our support programmes ensure students make well-informed choices about their future.

Indicators of success:

  • National Career benchmarks are met.
  • More students complete the Haverstock Career Network programme.
  • All students move on to continue their education or begin employment or training.

What this means:

Extra-curricular activities and the school’s values are as important as the curriculum.  They are not in addition to it.

Indicators of success:

  • Successful Activities Week.
  • There is a high take up of our extra-curricular activities. 
More students are accepted by Russell Group Universities / Higher Level Apprenticeships.


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