Key Stage 4



Key Stage 4

Students begin the Key Stage 3 in Year 10, when they start on the journey to their first qualifications at the end of Year 11. The majority of students broad range of subjects, in core subjects and options that they have chosen. 

Key Stage 4 subject with the number of lesson per fortnight:

Subject Year 10 Year 11
English Language/Literature* 9 9
Mathematics* 8 8
Combined Science/Triple Science* 10 10
Option X 6 6
Option Y 6 6
Option Z 6 6
Physical Education 3 3

*An Red Pathway is provided for students who may excel in core academic areas. These students will study 1 less period in English and Maths, however they will study French as an additional language. They also have the option to choose triple science. 

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