Year 9-11


Students choose their options in Year 8 and begin their GCSE/ Level 2 studies at the start of Year 9. 

Students study a core GCSE offer of maths (9), English Language and Literature (9) and Combined Science, which is worth 2 GCSEs (9).  All students study PE (4).

In addition, most students choose 3 options for from the following GCSE or Vocational Level 2 courses (each for 6 lessons per cycle):  history, geography, Spanish, citizenship, religious studies, business studies, computing or ICT, drama, art, music, media, health and social care, sociology, triple science, product design, PE/sport.  Some students are allowed to choose 4 options and have slightly reduced time in English, Maths, French and PE, plus a weekly period 6 lesson in order to facilitate this.  Students can sit a GCSE in a community language, if they are native speakers and demonstrate appropriate capability in reading and writing in that language. 

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