Year 9 Enjoy the Magic of Chemistry!

Posted on: 30th Nov 2018

Earlier this term, our Year 9 Chemistry students enjoyed a special visit from Dr Andrew Szydlo of Imperial College. 

With over 20 years experience in creating captivating chemistry roadshows, Dr Szydlo has built a great following of schoolchildren, university students, family groups and more. He has spoken at birthday parties, festivals and conferences worldwide, and in laboratories, school halls, lecture theatres, sports halls, fields, playgrounds, a disused swimming pool, a kitchen and an automobile workshop!

At Haverstock, his astonishing and entertaining show – complete with explosions, sound effects and amazing experiments – had our students laughing while they learned.

Here’s what our students thought,

Shayaan – 'After watching the show I think I want to do Chemistry for A Level.'

Aishenur – 'He showed us many interesting things that inspired some of us to pursue science even more.'

Emily – ‘He showed us lots of different experiments including changing the colour of a solution by playing a violin next to it.’

Nailah – 'The show was really cool. My favourite experiment was the exploding ping pong balls!'

Iman – 'Dr Szydlo was very entertaining and recapped everything we’ve learned about the PH scale and acidity.’

Paulo – ‘I really liked the violin experiment. When the sound waves reached the solution it changed colours. I couldn’t understand it at first, but after I did.’

Tamzid – ‘My favourite was the explosion with the balloon. You could actually feel the heat and smoke around you!’

Nishat – ’The show inspired me, like how different materials and substances can create different reactions. I might consider taking Chemistry A-Level.’

Raihan – ‘My favourite was when the balloon exploded. It did make me laugh.’

Vanya – ‘My favourite experiment was when the liquid nitrogen was thrown into the air. It changed states and just disappeared!’

Macey – ’The show has inspired me to become a scientist and discover and complete simple and complex experiments.'

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