Celebrating World Book Day 2019.

Posted on: 14th Mar 2019

Our Library is Buzzing!

Last week was World Book Day, a worldwide celebration of writers, books and reading. The whole school got involved and excitement ran high in our library where students were treated to a brilliant range of costume characters and quizzes, short stories and competitions, cupcakes and book tokens.Haverstock School Camden, World Book Day 2019: Staff in costume

Well done to everyone who entered our World Book Day competitions, and congratulations to the following winners who each receive a £5 token for our upcoming Book Fair:

• 8S's Fahim Rahman is the winner of Are You A Potter Head? 

• 7R's Tyler Walker wins the Classic Fiction Trivia.

• And 7S's Emma Mulvey is winner of the Emoji Book Quiz.

Another highlight of our World Book Day 2019 celebration was the 6 Word Story competition, where students are challenged to tell an intriguing and engaging story in just 6 words. We're also delighted to announce that the winner of our 6 Word Story Competition is Yasmeen Molokhia 8S, and you can read many of the fantastic entries below:


1st Place (winner of book voucher): Yasmeen Molokhia 8S
'I leave. Dog panics. Furniture shopping.'

2nd Place: Jada Francis-Kent 8A
'Coffee before art. Goodbye straight lines.' 


3rd place: Shayan Mohammed 9S
'Biking girl. trailing dress. Broken wheel...'

And here are some more great entries we liked: 

  • I can’t fly, once I could. – James Farmer 8S

  • I stood, overwhelmed by impenetrable darkness. – Imran Ahmed 8H

  • And her last words changed everything. – Yasmeen Molokhia 8S

  • My muffled screams echo. Suffocated. Lost. – Oumnia Taleb 8V

  • The forbidden house... now for sale. – Yasmeen Molokhia 8S

  • Robs shop. Gets away, tells everyone. – Yasmeen Molokhia 8S

  • Don’t sleep, you won’t wake up. – Zohra Jelali 7A

  • And some bonus teacher stories!

    • ·  Adult shoes, not for sale. Worn. – Mr Marcus

    • ·  Her hand shook; the gun exploded – Ms Gwinnett

    • ·  For her, it only ever rained – Ms Metselaar

    • ·  An open paper; lines left, blank – Mr Reid

Thank you to everyone who helped make World Book Day 2019 such a great success. Whether it's boy wizards or geek girls that get them interested, we love to see our students excited about books!

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