Walk-A-Thon Winners Announced!

Posted on: 13th Jun 2019

Last term, our team of Youth Travel Ambassadors pitched their ideas for improving local travel to a panel from Transport for London. One of their ideas earned praise from the TfL experts as well as a grant of £150.

Haverstock School Students Win Youth Travel Competition

And from 13–24 May, the students brought their plan to life in the shape of the Haverstock Walk-A-Thon, a competition designed to encourage us all to walk more.

Year 8's David Buck-Smith writes,


"As part of our partnership with Transport for London which secured us a grant of £150, we (the Haverstock Youth Travel Ambassadors) set up phase one of our plan to reduce congestion: The Haverstock-Walk-A-Thon.


It involved students downloading the pedometer app Pacer on their phone, creating an account using their full name and form and then requesting to join our secure group 'Haverstock Walking Competition'.


The students and staff who had walked the most between the 13–24 May won Love2Shop vouchers as prizes. They also gained all the wonderful health benefits of exercise and reduce congestion in the local area. We had a very successful campaign with many people participating and hope to see even more next year!!!!"

Congratulations to our winners, and well done to the organisers and to everyone who took part. You can read what our walking champions say, below.

‘This was very much worth it and I will continue walking after this and looked forward to competing in future walk-a-thons’

Emma, Year 7 champion

Haverstock school camden youth travel ambassadors and walk a thon winner may 2019


‘Not once in my life have I ever entered a competition that has motivated more than the walk-a-thon'

Felipe, Year 8 champion


‘This competition was fun and I would like to do it again. Walking wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!’ 

Ruben, Year 9 champion

Haverstock school camden youth travel ambassadors congratulate walk a thon winner may 2019

‘It turns out these boots really are made for walking! In all seriousness, this challenge has spurred me on to walk more'

Ms Venn, staff champion


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