Year 9 Students Enjoy The Magic Of Chemistry.

Posted on: 1st Nov 2019

Year 9 Students Enjoy Dazzling Chemistry Show By Famous Scientist Dr Szydlo.

This week, our entire group of Year 9 students enjoyed a dazzling display by the renowned chemist Dr Szydlo.

The scientist and academic has performed throughout the UK including on television, at Cambridge University and at the Royal Institution. On Thursday 31 October, we were delighted that he brought his latest 75 minute show all about the magic of chemistry to Haverstock School.

Our entire cohort of Year 9 students watched the show; you can read some of their reactions here.

‘It was very well planned and there was a lot of bangs and fire. Mad!’ Alnit


‘He was energetic and more talkative to the audience. His experiments caught my attention each time, especially when he began. That first one blew my mind!’ – AJ


‘What I enjoyed most was the ending when the balloons exploded. I also liked it when he changed the colour of the liquid.’ – Jack L


‘I think that the show was very funny and fun. It was funny because he kept on exaggerating with words that made me laugh. It was fun because there were lots of explosions and lots of different experiments. My favourite part of the show was when he popped the last balloon because everyone got scared.’ – Saima Begum


‘In my opinion, the show was really good as it was both entertaining and educational. He had many things to show and presented them very well. The show couldn’t have been better as I’m sure we all had a good time.’ – Afsana Ali

You can see photos in the gallery below, and read more about Dr Szydlo on the link here.

 Read about Dr Szydlo. 


 Watch some of Dr Szydlo's performances here. 



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