Haverstock Launches Stars And Scholars Awards.

Posted on: 8th Jan 2021

At the end of last term, we were very excited to launch our new Haverstock Stars And Scholars Scheme.

Throughout the year, students earn reward points for excellent behaviour and work. Once a student has earned enough points to reach a Haverstock Star level, they will be presented with a certificate and a smart enamel and metal lapel badge: their red, blue, bronze, silver or gold star. 

Students who have shone in particular subjects may also be awarded the special title of Subject Scholar, with its own silver shield badge. Each subject leader will nominate just three Scholars – based on excellence in attitude, interest and progress – so this is a rare and remarkable accolade.

On the last Friday of term, our very first Star Awards and Subject Scholar badges were presented. Congratulations and well done our first ever Haverstock School Stars & Scholars!

Subject Scholars Roll Of Honour

English: Syeda (Samirah) Islam, Sabrina Hasaballa, Shania Leurs
Maths: Jibril Ahmed, Oliver Gavin, Lawrens Chong
Science: Ilma (Tanzila) Akthar, Michael Rukmin, Jannah Akhtar
Biology: Kaylor Butler, Amin Behrozigari, Manar Salem
Chemistry: Silena Yacob, Daniel Damorr, Minat Babikir
Physics: Rizwan Rahman, Imtiaz Rahman, Ayub Hassan
Geography: Helen Enayatullah, Sabrina Gozzo de Souza, Lewis Brennan
History: Mireille Mandel, Mitchell Cooper, Ewan Diatta
RS: Mordecai Watson, Arafath Hamid, Imran Ahmed
Sociology: Ahmednour Abdi, Megan Borg
Citizenship & Politics: Fatima Noor, David Buck Smith, Leya Muid
PE: Mat Zogi, Amin El-Harti, Saria Al Halabi
Drama: Nafisa Rahman, Bernardo Canipieri, Lillie Allen
Art & Design: Gaspard Terry, Raquel Rocco Al Makhoul, Emine Sait
Engineering: Nejwa Seid, Zahra Mostafa, Ahmed Dawwod
ICT / Computing: Mirain Brown, Grace Mackay, Arifuz Zaman
French: Nishat Tabassum
Spanish: Mahinur Mahin
Business, Economics & Finance: Niema Seid, Azmaeen Rahman, Shuhana Begum

Special congratulations goes to Year 9's Silena Yacob. As well as being a Chemistry Scholar, Silena is the first ever Haverstock School student to achieve a GOLD STAR AWARD!

Headteacher James Hadley says, ‘Well done to Silena, and to all our students who are making a tremendous effort to keep focused on their studies in these difficult times.’

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