A Laptop For EVERY Student.

Posted on: 29th Jan 2021

Haverstock School Provides 400 Laptops, Helping Every Student Bridge The Digital Divide.

As school closures continue, Haverstock School is proud to be helping its students bridge the digital divide by providing a fantastic 400 laptops free of charge.
After a detailed assessment of its students’ needs, it was clear that a staggering 400 chromebooks would be required to ensure every student has access to the school's live remote lessons. This week, Haverstock School is thrilled to reach that target, thanks to generous help from local funder Community Investment Levy and private equity firm Apiary Capital LLP.

James Hadley, Headteacher says ‘The DfE initially provided us with 127 chromebooks, but working closely with our Haverstock families to identify who required help, it was clear we needed far more. Local Community Investment Levy (CIL) funding then generously stepped up to pay for a further 183. By this week, we’ve already issued laptops to 35% of our entire student population. But still not enough. 
So we were thrilled to be approached by private equity firm, Apiary Capital LLP, who brilliantly offered to fund the outstanding 70 chromebooks – ensuring that EVERY SINGLE HAVERSTOCK STUDENT is now able to focus on their learning. With huge thanks to Apiary Capital, the DfE and the Community Investment Levy, Haverstock students have bridged the digital divide!’
Nikola Sutherland, Partner at Apiary Capital LLP says, ‘We were pleased to be able to help address the digital divide in these extraordinarily challenging times. It is clear Haverstock School leaders are working hard to identify the impediments to students' online learning, and to track their performance. We are delighted to partner with them to support a school in our local community.’

Leading the logistical challenge at the school was Director of Finance & Operations, Martin Hesketh who points out, ‘At a time when school budgets are tighter than ever, every bit of help makes a huge difference, so we are very grateful for these donations’.
Haverstock Chair of Governors Alison Lowton says, ‘James Hadley, Martin Hesketh and the school’s senior leadership have moved heaven and earth to make sure the students at Haverstock are not left behind in the loss and chaos of the pandemic. This generous gift makes all the difference. It means so much.’

Haverstock School Headteacher James Hadley sums it up, ‘Attendance at our live online lessons is excellent so far. It’s a real credit to the resilience and character of our students. Now, with this wonderful extra support, we can keep every single Haverstock student focused on their studies throughout this important term.’

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