Year 7 Student Writes Our New School Motto

Posted on: 23rd Jul 2021

Aim High. Step Forward. Be Kind.

At Haverstock School We're Always Learning.

Over the last four years, Haverstock School has been transformed. Our school is now a calmer, more focused, and happier learning environment. The recent consultation shows that parents, staff and students all agree; our students' results are a clear proof; and the amazing destinations our Sixth Formers are achieving are a wonderful pay-off. Haverstock is now the most improved school in Camden.

This is a great moment to revise our 'ethos statement', a statement that defines and guides Haverstock School and all it stands for. So earlier this year, students, families and staff were invited to share their ideas. We received lots of wonderful submissions, with clear themes and messages shining through. These themes are now the basis of our new ethos: Aim High, Step Forward, Be Kind. 

We also invited our students to create a new school motto, and they responded with some fantastic suggestions. Congratulations to Year 7 student Danny English, whose new motto 'Always Learning' was a unanimous favourite. 

As we go forward into the next bright phase of Haverstock's history, these messages will be at the heart of everything we do. A big thank-you goes to everyone who contributed their ideas, and to all have helped and supported our happy school throughout this difficult year. We wish all our school community a safe, peaceful and happy summer break. 


Haverstock Motto Logo

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