A Brilliant Students vs Teachers Debate for Black History Month 2021

Posted on: 15th Oct 2021

The Great Debate: A Brilliant Highlight Of Black History Month at Haverstock. 

Last night, we enjoyed a highlight of this year: our annual Students vs Teachers Debate. This year, for Black History Month, the students and teachers debated the motion 'This house believes that institutional racism is no longer an issue in the UK.'

Each side had 5 speakers. with 3 minutes to make their argument and time for the audience to ask questions. Our student team of Klevisa, Ko, Oketa, Anisah and Taru eloquently opposed the motion with impressive and powerful speeches. With wonderful live music adding even more to the event, our audience responded with warmth and enthusiasm, and everyone greatly enjoyed the evening.

Year 13 student Joven Suyat writes, ‘The debate was extremely entertaining and so gainful in terms of knowledge. Watching both the opposition and the proposition was one of the most entertaining and tense debates I have witnessed. Both sides had great information to advocate or reject statements and the audience was also beneficial in their questioning – to which both sides gave intelligent responses. 

The teachers and students involved were all amazing and their opinions were met with energetic rebuttal or applause. The MC speakers were also very funny, including Ms Hannan, Joven and Azizah, and were very responsive towards the debaters, judges and the audience. Overall, everyone involved in this debate had an amazing and fun time and the hall was filled with positive emotions and behaviour.’

Congratulations and well done to everyone involved! 

You can view lots of photos from the event in the gallery below.

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