Haverstock Students Hit The Slopes Of Andorra!

Posted on: 29th Apr 2022

Haverstock Students Hit The Slopes!

Over the Easter 2022 break, a group of lucky Haverstock students spent a brilliant 5 days on the snowy slopes of Andorra in Italy. And what a trip it was!


Trip leader Mr Collier says, ‘Andorra Easter 2022 was a huge success with students enjoying great snow conditions and great weather, loads of fun and laughter was had. You don’t need me telling you how good it was so I will let the students that went give you the run down. Hope to see a lot of you on the slopes at Easter 2023.’


‘The Andorra 2022 Ski trip has to have been one of the greatest trips/activities of my life for many reasons. Not only do you get to experience something new and exciting (snowboarding/skiing of course) but it’s also just an amazing time to spend with your friends and teachers. It causes you to step out of your comfort zone but with the reward of such a memorable experience, which you are bound to enjoy no matter who you are. Honestly, in my opinion it is worth every penny as it creates lifelong memories of pure joy. If you have any hesitations about whether you want to go or not, I'm telling you now you certainly won’t regret it. So many aspects about the trip make it so worth it for example, the coach ride there may seem long, but if sat next to your friend, it is a very fun experience and goes quickly. Also, the city of Andorra La Vella is beautiful and the time spent in the hotel and city alone already makes me want to go back next year. You also get to experience a whole new world up a mountain in truly beautiful conditions. Snowboarding is brilliant, give it a try, it's actually really fun and worth it (better than skiing hey Bernardo).’ 

- Daniel, Year 11


‘The 2022 ski/snowboarding trip is up there with the best things I have ever experienced in my 16 years of life. The feeling of rushing down the white mountains on a snowboard cannot be beaten and the whole trip from start to finish was amazing. I made many new friends and did things I would have never thought I would have done in my life. The cost may seem like a lot but it is value for money, and the travel and ski/boarding experience with friends is unmatched. The snowboarding/skiing takes you out of your comfort zone as you are forced to zoom down steep mountains, while rewarding you with confidence and adrenaline. Overall, the trip is worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone.’

- Sammy, Year 11


‘The snowboarding trip was a new experience for me one I was very intrigued about before I went. It was an experience that I think everyone should have. You learn a new skill and the trip was full of laughter and a few tears (of laughter mainly but some through frustration) but it was well worth it. Looking forward to going next year.’

- Grace, Year 12


‘This is one of the most amazing school trips I probably will ever go on. I had the best time making new friends and going to new places. It was incredible skiing and to challenge myself to lengths I have not taken before. Everyone was really nice to me even though they were three to four years older than me. In general, it was one of those experiences that you will never forget.’

- Otis, Year 7


‘I think that this has been the greatest school trip in my life! Not only is the trip extremely fun and a wonderful experience but it has developed my skiing skills even further. The trip was packed with laughter and joy and I really believe that we all had an amazing time. The coach journey may seem long but it REALLY is worth it!’

- Bernardo, Year 10



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