Sixth Form Artists Draw Without Using Their Eyes.

Posted on: 7th Oct 2022

Our new Year 12 art students have been thrown into the deep end this term, in a series of intense and imaginative workshops aiming at developing their drawing skills through touch and observation.

Haverstock sixth form art students workshop 9

The first workshop looked at drawing without our eyes. Our students were blindfolded and each given an object to draw – to investigate 'how much can we see of an object when our eyes are closed?'

Constrained by the temporary blindness, our students had to feel the shape, texture, and form of their object, using this tactile vision as their only means of observation. 

Haverstock sixth form art students workshop 5

This workshop aims to expand their skills of observation, and to break away from the limitations of their sight. The drawings they created will  appear distorted, and perhaps not true to shape, but they reveal new objects appearing on the paper. 

The second workshop was the opposite of the first. This time, students were invited to look deeply into the structure of a messy wire formation, to distinguish each knot, curve and path of the wires within. After arranging a large paper surface on which they could all work, the students placed themselves so they had unique viewpoints.

Haverstock sixth form art students workshop 15

Each student focused on a single wire, drawing each twist and turn in its path without losing their string of thought. This task required an acute concentration from the students, who all did very well keeping focus for over an hour and a half!

Check out the photos below. 

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