Haverstock 131

Our Values

Haverstock’s Career Network and its students have worked hard to build a strong reputation for the programme.

Students who are accepted onto the HCN are expected to uphold the values and act as ambassadors for the programme both on and off school campus.

  • Commitment: Minimum 90% punctuality, attendance and commitment to programme
  • Accountability: Strong work ethic, responsible, positive attitude to academic achievement
  • Reliability: Timely & consistent submission of work
  • Enthusiasm: Demonstrating focus, drive and ambition to achieve goals
  • Engagement: Teamwork, supporting each other & working together
  • Respect: Kindness, neighbourliness, being a good citizen (volunteering work)

"I got involved because I passionately believe in social mobility and equality, and ensuring that all students regardless of background are afforded the same opportunities."

Paul, StubHub

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