Curriculum Statement

The Haverstock School curriculum is a key component of fulfilling our vision:

To provide a first-class education for every young person, empowering them to be fulfilled in a world of possibilities. Haverstock students will be equipped to strive for excellence in their studies and beyond. They will leave the school with the knowledge, skills and character to make a real contribution to society.

At Haverstock, we view the 'curriculum' in its broadest sense and thus define it as all planned activities which the school provides and offers for students and their families. We define the curriculum as such because success at school and in later life is not purely defined by outcomes and learning from the formally taught curriculum.

This is particularly important in the challenging context in which we work where qualifications alone are not sufficient in our quest to achieve our goals. Research has shown that students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the requisite qualifications are less likely to go to Russell Group universities or be appointed to posts in top professions than those from more privileged backgrounds. In order to overcome this inequality for all of our students, our curriculum must deliver at all levels.

The full Haverstock Curriculum Statement and Evaluation is available below:


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