Whilst your career might seem like a long way off, it's front and centre of our package for you.

From day 1 in Haverstock Sixth Form we talk to you about the wealth of possibilities that exist in the working world. We invite some of the largest global firms to come in and talk to you as often as possible – including Citibank, Morgan Stanley and many more.

We offer every Year 12 student work experience with a tech company based in London. Irrespective of your future plans, this programme is sure to raise your confidence and give you the opportunity to step up and gain experience.

We have a huge range of impressive partners who will provide you with opportunities to set yourself apart from other students. These include internships with Francis Crick and Nuffield, as well as year-long programmes that give you mentoring, and internships throughout the year with Social Mobility Foundation.

Career Ready

Our Career Ready programme is recognised as one of the best across the whole of London.

Supported by our brilliant corporate partners which form our Haverstock Career Board, we have been able to provide a life-changing year long programme to students in Year 12. The aim of the programme is to connect you with a mentor who guides you through a full year, supporting you to ultimately be ‘Career Ready’ at the end.

A selection process begins in Year 12 and if you are successful you will have access to the excellent Career Ready programme which gives you –

  • A mentor based in London who will meet with you monthly for a year (many partnerships last far longer!)
  • Visits to workplaces throughout the year
  • Sessions with professionals to help you work on your personal brand, CV writing etc
  • Some students even secure a paid, 6-week internship

We are the lead provider of Career Ready nationally and have led over 300 students through it – we can’t wait to welcome you onto the programme too!

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